<aside> 💡 Summary I analysed, redesigned and tested the food delivery app Lieferando by using a user-centered design process. My focus was on the search and filter UX, because it is one of the most important steps in the ordering process and I saw the biggest room for improvement there.




UX Design Contest #13 by Adam Ruf


May 2020 (2 weeks duration)



Sketch, Draw.io, Adobe Photoshop, Notion, UsabilityHub

Why Lieferando?

In a time of lockdowns, shutdowns and closed restaurants, the relevance of food and grocery delivery services became bigger than ever before.

During the corona crisis I returned to Germany after living abroad for several years. Being used to foodpanda, Uber Eats and others, I was quite disappointed by the ordering experience on Lieferando (internationally known as takeway.com)

When I saw Adam's contest about redesigning a food delivery app, I immediately knew that Lieferando would be my app of choice. Fortunately Adam had extended the deadline and I had enough time to take part. It was also important to me to improve an app that is relevant, a market leader, not a random app nobody uses. After Deliveroo withdrew from the market and Delivery Hero sold it's brands (Foodora, pizza.de, Lieferando and Lieferheld) to takeway.com, Lieferando manifested de facto monopoly status.

Project Walkthrough